House Clearance

House Clearance is often an important part of your healing. You may be living in a home or about to move to a home or office that will have a detrimental affect on you and your family or coworkers and clients energy. You may feel an atmosphere, hear unexplained noises or voices, have seen movement of figures out of the corner of your eye, feel temperature fluctuations, feel that your own moods, emotions and energy levels are affected when you are there, it could be that you have a spiritual entity present in your home or office or something else.

It is important to be aware of who and what else shares your space so that you can make the most of your situation. Any of this can impact your happiness and health as well as your ability to move forward in life, and if you are in business even your sales!

What house clearance involves:

  • I will remove of negative energy and calming of spiritual activity in your home or office
  • If will remove energies and attachments that may be connected to you personally or to the building or land
  • I can remove and heal psychic attack and help you to prevent re-occurrence by identifying the cause and give you a routine to clear any future negative energy build up
  • I will identify unhappy events that occurred on the site and help spirits. trapped ghosts or souls in the building be reunited with loved ones
  • I will check for other things that may be causing detrimental effects such as for example underground water, geopathic stress, power objects, possessions, human interference lines, earth energy spirals, ley lines etc, interdimensional portals and more ...
  • I will break energetic disturbance patterns and heal the past in order to clear the present and future.
  • I will ask my management team how to resolve, remove & reunite where necessary.

I offer various packages:

Home Visit: from £95.00

Please contact me for a quote giving details of your sitation and location.

Remote geomancy and clearing: from £95.00

I will need a detailed floor plan of your propety and land. Please indicate clearly where you sleep, work and sit most evenings. This includes a 10 minute follow up call to discuss findings and any advice to help with managing your situation. Please contact me for a quote.

If you would like more information before booking please take a look at my articles, FAQ and terms and conditions.

I also offer soul rebalancing/psychic couselling, readings and animal healing.

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